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Windows 11 Impressions

Overall.... as a child of the 90's, when MS hegemony was given, Windows 11 is a happy surprise. That isn't to say Windows 10 was bad. Windows 10 was reaching for new heights. Windows 11 is pushing even further.

The UI changes are nice, modern and, quite... not what I was expecting from Microsoft. when you combine the slick UI, WSL and the overall product integration, you have a pretty damned good OS.

Multiple desktops are awesome. Nice to finally see it front and center (something many Linux desktop environments were doing eons ago). Everything just feels better.

Now, there were some hiccups - and some may be from my own complete ignorance. After the upgrade, dragging a File Exporer window produced serious(!) mouse lag - your cursor would follow your movements but delayed about 3-5 seconds behind your mouse movement. The latest update seems to have resolved this.

I have yet to figure out how to drag apps from one desktop to another. For example, if you open Task Manager on desktop 1, move to desktop 2 and try to open it, it flips you back to desktop 1. This isn't terrible per se. I get why it does that. But when you combine it with occasional lag bringing up the desktop changer to change back to desktop 2, it can be annoying. You mouse over the desktop to select it and then the UI shifts.

Oh - and you can click on the desktop name and change the name. Sweet.

The Spotify overlay seems to have stopped working. I did get it to somehow show up in the notification center.... but I don't know how to trigger it as every time I open it now, no "now playing" or controls...

[edit: the Spotify overlay apears to be gone but it does show up in the quick links to networking, volume, etc]

Another annoyance - I don't use Teams. I can't get it off of my bar. Also, not sure why we need both the Windows menu and the search menu. Both seem to function in the same approximate way. 

This article was updated on 25 Oct 2021