The Web Sucks Rant

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Maybe I'm getting old (I am old). There's something about programming that draws me back from time to time because I can scratch a creative itch while learning something new. But it is starting to get old (really old).

I'm not opposed to learning new things. But I get annoyed when you find some fancy toy on Github and start unwrapping the code only to find out they've shoved in so much shit that you not only need to learn the code base's native code, but all of the extra baggage they've attached for the ride. Every fucking time.

Let's download this ruby app. looks cool. Oh. Looks like I need to download node. And yarn. Yeah. We need Yarn. Oh. And Webpack. We need that too. Well, maybe we don't but these kind people thought we'd possibly want to use it so they included the batteries. Think I'm going overboard? Or this may be simplistic? Consider just how much tooling each of these use just to function. Consider the complexity being abstracted.

Most of the modern web stacks tend to look like stacks of applications to solve problems we've created while trying to create applications that were meant to be a solution to other stacks of problems created with other applications. No one really remembers what the original problem we were attempting to solve is. But fuck it. We'll just build a new application to ask the machine god the question we were seeking answers to in the first place.But first we need a new...