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I was able to get some funds into Stellar and so far.... I like it. I had some converted Bitcoin sitting in a Lightning wallet and pushed it over to Stellar. A bunch of knob fiddling later and I was able to swap to a few different tokens and, now that it launched today, put money into a liquidity pool. It's like I can finally enjoy playing with (parts of) DeFi without all of the Ethereum gas overhead.

There are a few things I like about the ecosystem, like the low transaction costs, the nearly built-in Dex as well as tools like StellarX which are fairly straight-forward and simple to use. The on-chain wallet concept is nice. The only part that took some getting used to is having to seed your wallet with some XLM to get it active. Then opening up trust lines requires a reservation. When swapping between currencies, the more open lines, the more your reservation is.

 The pair that originally interested me was yXLM and yUSDC - both APY bearing tokens. However, with today's release of liquidity pools, I'm curious how interest payments are delivered. To put your funds into a liquidity pool, they leave your wallet. If the interest payments go into the liquidity pool address, then that might have issues for keeping the pool balanced. I have a question out to Stellarx on how that works...

This article was updated on 4 Nov 2021