So About WordPress' Gutenberg Editor

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It was a good reason to try something new.

I get what Wordpress is trying to do. You get a relatively more flexible page editor that allows you to do a lot with "blocks". But it is almost as if they've given up on content directly to lean heavily on the layout/design side. I honestly feel bad for people who just want to write.

Moreover - I'm curious what multi-user sites think of Gutenberg. Sure, it is powerful but is it any harder to keep control over authors trying to make stylistic decisions about content that break the overall design of the site?

And what is with the default template? All widgets in the 2019 layout are in the footer? If you dump a bone stock install on a server, it looks like garbage.

My initial feelings are that Gutenberg would be much better used for designing template patterns for content than forcing you to deal with a template that has some contorl while deferring the rest of the control to the content builder. 

So I read a recommendation about Publii in another blogger's comment section. Basically - back to flat files published through a little (/s) Electron app. I appreciate the ideas behind Publii - there are so many third party providers/services that you can almost run an entire blog with nothing more than flat files, served old-school, and offloading the dynamic bits.