Post Charlotesville, Twitter is running rampant with a huge string of anti-fascist sentiment pouring out after the tragic death of a peaceful protester. And much of the anti-fascism is rightly placed. Fascism, the unholy almalgamation of right/left political ideology, should be exposed as being both a dangerous and toxic.

[I note here that I'm painting with a broad brush stroke] At the outset, in my view, Mussolini's Fascism wasn't racist. It was a hybrid of what we might presently in the US call "left" economic policy - strong regulation of a capitalist economy, coupled with the otherwise "right" appeal to nationalism and security. It distanced itself from Marxist class struggle while recognizing classes in an effort to appeal to workers for broader collaboration between themselves for the promotion of the state.

Racism, the prevelance of which was rampant in Europe during the rise of Fascism, was injected over time. Not to discount Italy's racism, but the rise of the Third-Reich's Fascism would eclipse Italy's on nearly all fronts, taking it to an absurdist height and vile conclusion.

Yet when we look at the historical roots in the context of the present day, it becomes a bit confusing. What people decry as Fascism, is somewhat hazy - and I believe the crux of it has been done on purpose by Fascists, White Supremecists, and the "Alt Right". Rather than outright rejecting the concepts of Marxist class struggle in the context of identity politics (groups of the oppressed rather than distinct economic classes), these "right wing" groups have largely assumed the arguments that have been used against them - creating an image of themselves as an oppressed class. This has given them the ability to attract more interest by taking all of the arguments the left makes against them and turning it into evidence supporting their case.

What arguments?
When conservative speakers show up at colleges to speak and otherwise have civil discourse in subjects - constant deplatforming, violence and riots all feed into the narrative the racists espouse. While these racists largely hold no conservative views, the fact they are repeatedly put under the "right" on the right-left paradigm gives them an umbrella under which they can add fuel to the burning embers of their believers.

When someone mentions the fact that free speech in the United States is well-protected, even if it is ugly and vile - arguing that hate speech isn't covered gives the racists fuel. You want to take away their rights.

When someone goes on a lenghty diatribe about cis white males are oppressors, it stokes the flames.

When people say things like "I wish white people would die" or "how can white homeless males blow their privilage", it stokes the fires.

When college students decide to have a day in which they want to exclude white people from being on campus, it stokes the fires.

When a college decides it is going to have all-black housing... I hope you're starting to get the point.

Everything done under the guise of left-wing identity politics is flipped on its head and can then be utilized by the opposing side who is also using identity politics as a means to propagate its own viewpoint.

The illiberal left
The left has its own set of miscreats trying to hide under their umbrella. Antifa have repeatedly shown themselves to be instigators of violence and willful participants in the destruction of private and public property. They have turned reasonably peaceful protests against the Trump presidency into conflicts with police and anyone else who gets in their way (Portland).

Antifa didn't seem to have any qualms about burning cars, beating up reporters and destroying private property while demonstrating against global trade. Or smashing a guy in the head with a padlock in Berkley.

The left has been fairly quiet on the people marching around with old USSR flags bearing the hammer and sickle. A representation of a regime that openly rivaled Nazi Germany in the sheer number of people it sent to their deaths.

And then it is revealed
From the middle - It is as if we are watching the Communists and Fascists fighting over the better boot polish with which to shine the boots that will be held to the necks of the populace.

Reasonable lefties and righties who have been asking for dialogue and reasoned debate on issues are now thrust into a juxtaposition when people tell them they need to "choose a side".

From the middle, there are no sides - just a knife to the chest and a knife to the back. So it is only reasonable to say - fuck off.