Imagine you're a developer trying to find a way to create a product to compete with a giant but you need to find the weak point in a seemingly impenetrable armor. It would seem Google's YouTube has show its underbelly and there's a missing scale - one I'd recommend aiming for.

For all of Google's advertising prowess, the weak point appears to be advertising on YouTube. After implementing a new machine-learning algo to help focus monetization on only "safe" content, it is raising the ire of many YouTube content producers. Only after uploading, and seemingly without any specific trigger, videos are sent into advertising purgatory.

One of the new limitations is filtering ads to non-controversial topics. However controversy draws a lot of views. For all of the technological ability, Google doesn't have a reliable way to filter advertising to content producers in a way that can beat old media.

Think about it. How can Fox News, CNN or any other news outlet present controversial topics without advertising? How does any media outlet covering hot issues find advertising? And Google is willing to cut this off, or is willing to risk revenue for the sake of not offending advertisers. Google doesn't have a meaningful way to filter advertising down. While they can claim to focus advertising to content, they have limited ability to do it in a meaningful way.