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Everything Down Except That Which Is Up

Not much new. Crypto values are down but I haven't moved a coin in forever. Rather, I've been buying up Gemini USD (GUSD) and using the Earn program - running ~7% APY. It isn't covering the hole, but it is helping to shallow out the eventual bottom.

I've added a new 3d Printer, a Kingroon KP3S to the Anycubic Vyper and  Crealtiy Halot One family

Overall, the printer is decent - small in size but super affordable. The prints are pretty good for the compact size. Other positives are that it is using linear rails and features a decent hot end setup (Titan extruder). I've only found two issues so far - bed leveling was a bit painful - all manual. Trying to set the z-axis limit took a lot of fiddling to get to a working setting. In addition, the UI for the included touchscreen is terrible compared to the Vyper. The Vyper also has auto bed leveling.

I've taken apart the hot end on the KP3S several times now - mostly due to clogging issues brought on by my lack of knowledge with direct drive extruders. I had a pretty major clog within the first few hours - requiring a tear down of the hot end. I removed the first nozzle and swapped it which created a new problem when I had plastic coming out more places than just the tip. Chalk it up to user error.

This article was updated on 25 Sep 2022