On Eating Crow

For the longest time in the "Net Neutrality" wars, I was often skeptical of anyone who claimed to have used over a terabyte of data. But today I must admit my skepticism was a bit overdone.

Just before the end of January, I started seeing these pop-ups appear from Comcast/xfinity saying that we were nearing our 1TB cap. At first I laughed and almost passed it off. But then I had my roommate check the Comcast site for usage and sure-enough... we were sitting at 942GB of data usage.

We're both video streamers. I stream more as I'm currently in the hunt for a full-time job. And when I say stream, I mean I binge watch TV shows for background noise while plunking away on the laptop. My roommate maybe watches an hour or two a day. But this was a head-scratchingly large amount of data. The prior times I've looked at my usage, it never seemed to approach anything near a terabyte of data. The extent on prior investigations was in the 250GB range And the only thing I can really pin it to is streaming. My desktop was down due to a failing hard drive. My laptop used nowhere near that amount.

So to anyone I doubted about hitting bandwidth caps, my apologies. It seems it is pretty easy to do. One thing I did do was drop my streaming from 1080p to 720p quality. The quality difference (to me) is negligible but the actual data transferred is significantly less.