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SVXY – So Very seXY Comments Off

ProShares Trust II SVXY: The Best ETF Of Our Time AKA How To Become A Billionaire Without Really Trying – Seeking Alpha. Back in July I caught the post linked above on Seeking Alpha, one of those long-shot, inane ideas that somewhat makes sense. To boil down the article, you take a long (very long) […]

One Dimensional Study Produces One Dimensional Result Comments Off

I’m still trying to parse through this but something isn’t passing the sniff test. It’s things like: American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute, are among the best known conservative think tanks in the United States. [emphasis added] That really irks me. Had the author taken the time to go to the Cato Institute’s […]

Swapping to Google Voice and Ting Comments Off

After being a Sprint subscriber for i-don’t-know-how-long, I finally made a jump to Ting. And in the process,  I was able to keep my number thanks to Google voice. The switch was surprisingly easy… Set up my Google Voice account. Set up an account through Ting – I didn’t set up any phones yet. Went […]

This is Capitalism! Comments Off

Comical: Kelly was ready to end the interview when Pallone tried to argue that Obamacare is a “capitalist private market,” which set the TV host off.“The capitalist private market is controlled by laws, including one called Obamacare, which imposed a bunch of regulations on them with which they must now comply, sir,” Kelly said mockingly.“You can’t […]

A small donation is on the way to C4SS Comments Off

I hesitate to call myself a left-libertarian. Although as I age, I find myself drifting slowly along the lazy-river of political philosophy in the direction of left-libertarianism. It isn’t too distant from right-libertarianism but the more I keep reading Roderick Long and Sheldon Richman, the more enticed I become. After a recent Internet spat between […]