It Will Snow In Hell Before The Wire: Season 6

David Simon Agrees to Make Sixth Season of ‘The Wire’ If U.S. Agrees to End War on Drugs | /Film.

I think the slashFilm title says just about all it needs to say about the liklihood of The Wire: Season 6.

What I find most interesting is that our Attorney General Eric Holder is a fan. While Holder doesn’t write the laws he is enforcing, it is ironic that he represents one aspect of the many things the HBO series was critical of.

If you have not already watched the series, start with Season 1 and go all the way through Season 6. I would not suggest starting in on a different season – you will miss a lot of connections and back-story into the police and gangs.

(spoiler alert)I’d be interested to see what Simon would do with a 6th season, but my favorite characters (Bodie and Omar) are both pushing daisies. (/spoiler alert)